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Almased Synergy Diet

Almased Synergy Diet Multi Protein Powder



  • Almased provides the body with optimal nutrients a regular diet may lack
  • All-natural Almased is a powder made from high-quality fermented soy
  • Almased makes an excellent substitute for a meal

Product Description

Almased promotes effective weight loss as well as a healthy blood pressure and insulin level while stimulating the fatburning metabolism. Almased provides the body with optimal nutrients a regular diet may lack All-natural Almased is a powder made from high-quality fermented soy, skim milk yogurt powder and enzyme-rich honey Almased makes an excellent substitute for a meal with 50 g of Almased once or twice per day.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Today starts the fourth week of the diet and I am most pleased. The first week went so well, I stayed close to it, supplementing a meal of salad every day or two, and I feel really good. No alcohol, no meat, no fowl; protein is coming from Silk, Almased and fish. Most of my fat intake comes from extra virgin olive oil. I supplement the diet with flavored mineral water, usually Glaceau Zero, drinking a minimum of 60 oz. each day.

This morning's weigh-in showed I weigh 222.4 lb., down 16.4 lb. from the 238.8 I weighed on February 27th. For me, every ten pounds is about an inch around my waist, so every pair of slacks I own now fit again. It's a good feeling.

My wife started the diet on the same day and doing is doing measurably well. Last time we talked about it, which was several days ago, she was down 12 lb. and I know she has lost weight since then. The Almased keeps my hunger in check for at least four hours, but my wife doesn't seem to have the same experience. What seems to work for her is smaller doses of Almased more often and raw veggies in between if grows hungry.

Other reviewers address cost, within our household the cost is easily justified by savings at the grocery store and restaurants.

We are both very pleased with the purchases.

Five week update:

We are both sticking close to the Almased diet and after five full weeks on the diet, I lost 27.8 pounds, moving from 238.8 to this morning's weigh in at 211.0. Feel good, and averaging about .8 pounds per day weight loss. We are dieting during lent, and I elected to forego meat and fowl, eating only vegetables and fish, Almased mixed with Silk light vanilla soy milk and a little sugar free DaVinci vanilla or caramel syrup. Weight loss during the five weeks is an average .8 pounds per day and 5.6 pounds per week.

Three and one half weeks into the diet, I had a doctor's visit with full blood work. The only difficulty was a very slight increase in liver enzyme. Blood pressure 118/75 and total cholesterol is 104 with a ratio of 1.09 Doctor wants me below 200, and I have that goal in sight.

Seven week update:

After seven weeks, I am down 36.5 pounds moving from 238.8 to 202.4 for an average of .7 pounds per day. Took a half dozen older sport coats to the Goodwill. Lost four inches from my waist and dropped one full coat size from 48 to 46. My wife has been on the diet the same amount of time and she is currently down ~28 pounds and more than two dress sizes. Together, we have lost about 65 pounds.

Blood pressure is now averaging 105/60 and resting heartbeat is down 20 beats per minute.

Almased Synergy Diet Reviewed by PKS Simokerto on 11:34 PM Rating: 5
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