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PGX Daily Singles

PGX Daily Singles
PGX Daily
  • PGX reduces appetite, f00d cravings and maintains healthy gluc0se levels already within n0rmal range
  • Natural Fact0rs - SlimStyles PGX Slimstyx
  • Clinically pr0ven Appetite & Weight C0ntr0l Pr0gram

Pr0duct Descripti0n

Size: 30
PGX (P0lyGlyc0pleX) is a precise blend 0f naturally 0ccurring waters0luble p0lysaccharides (fibers) that t0gether, have highly unique and desirable pr0perties f0r weight l0ss and 0verall g00d health. PGX is the result 0f extensive research by the University 0f T0r0nt0 and the Canadian Center f0r Functi0nal Medicine.;PGX is the w0rld's m0st visc0us s0luble fiber blend. What d0es visc0us mean? Simply "t0 thicken". 0nce PGX is added t0 water 0r f00d it thickens 0r bec0mes visc0us. The visc0sity 0f s0luble fiber is imp0rtant as it relates directly t0 the 0verall health benefits.;The m0st imp0rtant advantage 0f PGX 0ver 0ther s0luble fiber pr0ducts is that significantly less PGX is required t0 0btain the same imp0rtant health benefits, including appetite c0ntr0l and reduced f00d cravings.;

M0st Helpful Cust0mer Reviews

These little packets are c00l. Y0u can take them anywhere with y0u - like sugar packets - but when y0u sprinkle them in s0up, 0n y0gurt, 0r even pasta, the PGX will make y0u feel full fast, and y0u'll feel full l0nger. I started with half a packet t0 see what it was like. It helped me eat less and I'm n0t starving at 3 in the aftern00n. The best part is that I d0n't have t0 change what I eat - I just eat less because I feel full. G00d pr0duct.

PGX Daily Singles Reviewed by PKS Simokerto on 8:24 AM Rating: 5
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