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Cellucor - Super HD Fat Targeting

Cellucor - Super HD Fat Targeting & Sculpting Agent

  • Fat Metabolism
  • Appetite Control
  • Energy & Focus

Product Description

Weight Loss. High-Def Fat Targeting & Sculpting Agent. Features: iFAS503. Energy & Focus. Appetite Control. Fat Metabolism. Chrome Series 3rd Generation. GMP Certified.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

I was an avid Ephedra user. I know it was super bad for my health, but it was never used in excess and I maintained a great weight loss, had tons of energy, and was able to curb my cravings. This is the next best thing, but not to be used lightly because this almost seems stronger.

You must listen to the label (Ephedra didn't tell you to stop use after 8 weeks I just did between bottles took time off) don't start with taking two freaking pills right away. Take one a day until you get used to it, and even then be cautious when you start to take two, take them some time apart and with LOTS and I mean LOTS of water. If you feel nausea starting drink more water! This is a fat burner and can cause dehydration half of the throwing up in the other reviews I'm almost certain is due to dehydration. I also have taken one before breakfast and one three hours after breakfast and one after lunch (mid-afternoon), but don't take too late or you will be awake forever! I've even taken it an hour after eating and still get the same great benefits!

You'll be able to tell after your first pill how you will react. If you feel warm, shaky, and clammy then drink lots of water and wait it out. Don't try and push a workout. Even if you wait an hour it will still have the same effect, you'll burn more calories and sweat a ton which means drink more water! You see those wackos at the gym with a gallon just that is what you should be trying to drink in a day especially if you are using supplements. Good Luck and take it slow. No one gained anything (or lost anything) by over doing it! Be Safe!
Cellucor - Super HD Fat Targeting Reviewed by PKS Simokerto on 7:17 AM Rating: 5
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